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Drx Romanelli “Darren Romanelli” Black Leather Bomber Flight Pilot Jacket Women’s Small/Medium RP: $2300 (Custom One Of A Kind Piece!)

$749.95 $220.00
Drx Romanelli “Darren Romanelli” Leather Flight Bomber Jacket. Women’s – US ‘8-10’ Small/Medium (RRP: $2.3k)
Released in (2004) and still In Mint Condition! (ONE OF A KIND PIECE!)
(From The Same Exclusive Line of Jackets Worn By Usher Raymond & His Dancers during The (2004) Truth Tour!) “See Images”

  • Size: Women’s Small/Medium – Measurements: 21.5″ back of collar to bottom, 16.5″ pit to pit.
  • Features: Orange/Blue Color Collar with multi-colored zipper patterns. w/ Elastic Cuff and Waistband flexibility for a tailored fit. This is most definitely unique compared to your standard bomber jacket. A TRUE STATEMENT PIECE!
  • Dr Romanelli’s Creations sell for THOUSANDS & Each of these Jacket’s are ONE OF A KIND/Custom made & sold in high end boutiques.The Dr X Romanelli brand is known for reconstructing vintage garments into completely new creations.
  • Original RP: $2.3k
  • Trademark Feature: Silk ‘Pinstriped’ Inner Liner with Band-Aid Branding.

Darren Romanelli:

Darren Romanelli (DRx, Dr. Romanelli) is a Los Angeles based designer, marketer, and director. He is most notable for creating series of customized, limited edition clothing, furniture and collectibles. Romanelli adds his signature (DRx) to each project and has been involved with all levels of a project’s development,  from inception to display to promotion. He has had collaborations with Converse, Coca-Cola, Jaeger Le Coultre, and Disney.

Please feel free to contact with any questions or queries.

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